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Impressions Made Easy: The Path to Perfect Aligners

With SmilePath's foolproof impression guide, you'll master the art of creating flawless dental impressions at home. No need for dental visits or extra costs. Snap pictures of your impressions using AlignerTracker, and let our experts craft your custom treatment plan.

Unlock Your Perfect Plan: Orthodontist-Approved Results

Sit back and let our orthodontist-approved treatment plan work its magic. AlignerTracker lets you review your personalized plan, providing peace of mind and the option to request any necessary adjustments.

Maintain Your Sparkling Smile: Care Guide Included

We care about your oral health! Our comprehensive guide on AlignerTracker offers tips and tricks for aligner care and maintaining optimal dental hygiene. Keep your aligners clean and your smile dazzling!

Track Your Journey: Progress at Your Fingertips

Stay on top of your smile transformation with AlignerTracker. Record your daily wear time, upload progress photos, and receive timely alerts to switch aligners. It's like having a personal smile coach!

24/7 Support: Your Smile, Our Priority

Got questions? Need assistance? Our dedicated 24/7 chat support team is here to help you at every step. Experience hassle-free communication and get expert guidance in an instant.

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How do SmilePath's invisible aligners work their magic?

With gentle pressure, our custom-made invisible aligners gradually shift your teeth into the desired position over time. Say goodbye to metal brackets and wires!

Can I easily make dental impressions at home with SmilePath's guide?

Absolutely! SmilePath's user-friendly impression guide makes creating dental impressions a breeze. No need to visit a dentist—do it yourself at home!

When will I receive my personalized treatment plan from SmilePath?

After uploading your dental impression pictures on the SmilePath app, you can expect to receive your personalized treatment plan within 12-14 business days. Get ready for your smile journey!

How can I maintain good dental hygiene while using SmilePath's aligners?

Maintaining a healthy smile is essential! SmilePath provides a detailed care guide on AlignerTracker, including brushing and flossing tips, as well as how to clean and care for your aligners. Keep that smile shining!

How can I reach SmilePath for support and assistance?

We've got your back! SmilePath offers 24/7 chat support through AlignerTracker. Whether you have questions about your aligners or need guidance, our experts are just a message away. Let's chat and conquer any concerns together!