NightOnly Clear Aligners by SmilePath | Most Affordable in NewZealand

NightOnly Clear Aligners

Offering you an option to straighten your teeth while you sleep.

  • Less daily wear time
  • No interruption in your daily routine
  • Easy care and maintenance
Nightonly clear Aligners

NightOnly Clear Aligners Cost


Most affordable, one-time payment plan including an Impression kit, Clear Aligners, and a set of Retainers.

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Wonder why NightOnly Clear Aligners?

Our NightOnly Clear Aligners treatment brings you a solution for your misaligned teeth with less wear time. So you keep going about your daily routine without having to worry about taking your aligners in & out when you have to eat or drink.

Wonder why NightOnly Clear Aligners?


How do NightOnly Clear Aligners work?

NightOnly Clear Aligners straighten your teeth while you sleep, and require a minimum of 8-10 hours of continuous wear time. Using clear aligners made of special BPA free plastic, NightOnly Clear aligners are designed for convenience.

How do I know NightOnly Clear Aligners treatment is right for me?

NightOnly Clear Aligners are great if you want to avoid wearing your aligners during your daytime activities. This premium option works its magic while you sleep, allowing you to go about your daytime routine as normal without having to take them out every time you need to eat or drink, hot and cold beverages.

What is the difference between Daytime and NightOnly Clear Aligners?

Daytime aligners have to be worn 20-22 hours each day, but NightOnly Clear Aligners are required to be worn for only 8-10 hours each day. It is a premium option for those who do not want to wear aligners all day.

What are the pros & cons of NightOnly Clear Aligners?

Pros Cons
1. Wear them for only 8-10 hours each day. 1. The treatment will take longer than daytime aligners.
2. They work just like daytime aligners. 2. Costs a bit more.
3. No interruption in your daily routine. 3. Likelihood of teeth moving when aligners are not in

If my condition is severe & NightOnly Clear Aligners are not for me, will your experts advise against it?

After we have received your teeth impressions in our Lab, each case is examined by our team of experts. We will only create smile projection for you if you are a suitable candidate for NightOnly Clear Aligners. In case you are not, you can opt for regular aligners.