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Lights, Camera, Prom Night: Steal the Spotlight with your Smile!

Our Clear Aligners = Comfortable + Powerful Teeth Straightening

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Ensure your smile shines on the dance floor just as brightly as your prom outfit.

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Step into prom with a smile that steals the show! Enjoy a FREE teeth whitening kit with our clear aligners to revamp your look. Make that smile brighter and more confident.

Note: To avail discount we will verify your student identity.

Prom Night Special Offer

Smilepath SmileAdvantage

All-Day Clear Aligners

Wear-time: 20-22 hours a day

Results Duration: 4-6 months

Just: $2,049 $1,925

+Free Teeth Whitening Kit

Avail Now

Smilepath NightAdvantage

NightOnly Clear Aligners

Wear-time: 08-10 hours a day

Results Duration: 6-8 months

Just: $2,249 $2,125

+Free Teeth Whitening Kit

Avail Now


  • Impression Kit
  • Smile Projection
  • Aligners
  • Free Shipping

Clear Aligners vs Braces:

What is Ideal for Prom Night?

Factor Braces
Appearance Barely Visible Visible Metal Brackets
Comfort Removable for meals and brushing discomfort in eating and brushing
Treatment Duration 4 to 8 Months 18 to 36 Months
Maintenance At-Home Cleaning Frequent visits

Your Essential

Checklist for Prom Night

Follow this Checklist to Ensure You Have All the Prom Night Essentials Lined Up!

  • Attire: Dress/Suit, Shoes, Accessories
  • Grooming: Hair Styling, Makeup, Perfume, Skincare
  • Transportation: Arrange transportation
  • Tickets and Identification: Prom tickets, Student ID
  • Photography: Camera/Smartphone
  • Personal Essentials: Wallet/Purse, Keys
  • Prom Venue Details: Location and directions

Reminder: Make sure to print the checklist before March 30th arrives.

Get off Plus a Free Gift Pack

Get off Plus a Free Gift Pack

Get off Plus a Free Gift Pack

Get off Plus a Free Gift Pack

Get off Plus a Free Gift Pack

Get off Plus a Free Gift Pack

Get off Plus a Free Gift Pack

Guide to a Perfect Smile for Prom Night

Get A Brighter And Straighter Smile With Smilepath Clear Aligners

  • Smile Journey

    Begin your smile journey with Smilepath by ordering an impression kit. Take the dental impressions from the ease of your home.


  • Treatment plan

    Upon receiving your impression, our experts will cater a perfect customized treatment plan reviewed by a licensed dentist.


  • Delivery

    Start wearing your clear aligners as soon you get them to flaunt a beautifully aligned smile on your prom night.


Tips for a Memorable Prom Night

Follow the tips below to have a memorable and fun prom night.

  • Plan a themed prom
  • Dress in style
  • Flaunt that Beautiful Smile
  • Indulge in all entertainment activities
  • Dance as you own it
  • Capture picture-perfect moments
  • Enjoy delicious meals

Most Important: Look at your date in the eyes at all times. Take several whirls just for the heck of it. And smile!


Can I wear clear aligners to my prom?

Yes, clear aligners are barely visible and don’t cause any discomfort which is why you can easily wear them to your prom.

How to get a perfectly aligned smile before prom?

If you wish to get the perfectly aligned smile of your dreams before your prom, clear aligners can be your best assistance. By exerting mild to moderate pressure on your teeth, aligners transform your smile.

What are the perks of clear aligners before prom?

Unlike traditional braces, aligners are known as a comfortable approach for teeth straightening. These are barely visible and can be removed anytime you want.

Can I apply makeup while wearing clear aligners?

Yes, girls can easily apply makeup including lipstick while wearing aligners. Clear aligners are customized to fit your teeth and don’t cause any disturbance with your lipstick.

Can I enjoy my meal during prom with clear aligners?

An exciting feature of clear aligners is that they are removable anytime you want. Due to their removable feature, you can simply take them off and enjoy your meal at prom night and reinsert them later.

Does a clear aligner cause any disturbance while dancing?

Clear aligners are plastic trays that do not contain any metallic brackets or wires which is why they don't cause any discomfort. You can easily wear your aligners to your prom night and enjoy dancing without worrying about aligners.