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Affordable Clear Aligners

Affordable Clear Aligners

Now straighten your teeth without breaking your parent’s bank. Get your hands on SMILEPATH Clear Aligners with an additional $50 teen discount on top of our ongoing promotion.

No stressful appointments

No in-office visits are required. Get that perfect smile straight from the comfort of your home! Write to us at or chat with us to avail this exclusive offer!

No stressful appointments

Is Clear Aligner treatment the right choice for teens?

Take 30 seconds to answer a few questions, and we’ll help you find out.



Is there any discount available for teens?

Yes, we offer a $50 student discount on top of our ongoing promotion. To avail of the discount, please send an email to .

How old your teen should be to get clear aligner treatment?

The minimum age required is 13 or your teen has erupted molars.

What if your teen has baby teeth?

Aligner treatment can only move permanent teeth. If your teens still have baby teeth, they can get the aligner treatment and we will require an x-ray to identify which teeth are baby.

Can your teen get aligner treatment if they have cavities?

Yes, they can get the aligner treatment. We recommend getting any cavities filled before your teen makes teeth impressions or after the aligner treatment.