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About SmilePath Invisible Aligners

What are clear Aligners?

Aligners are clear, snug-fitting, customized & removable appliances that aid in movement or straightening of teeth.

How do clear Aligners work?

It is a series of aligners that fit over your teeth and apply precise force to correct their position.

How long does the treatment last?

Depending on the severity of the case, you might only wear them for 4-6 months on average.

Can we eat & drink with Aligners in?

Our Team of Experts strongly discourages you to eat/chew or drink hot & cold beverages with the aligners in, as they can damage the Aligners. You can only drink water while having them in.

How often should I change my Aligner?

Each set of Aligners is to be worn for 10 days.

For how long do I wear the Aligners during the day?

All day aligners need to be worn for 20–22 hours each day and you should wear NightOnly aligners for 8-10 continuous hours at night. it is essential to wear them as prescribed; otherwise, it may delay the treatment process.

How do I wash & clean my Aligners?

You may clean your Aligners by placing them under a running tap or dipping them in tap water, rubbing gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush. DO NOT USE Toothpaste, Mouthwash or other cleaners on the Aligners, as they might cause abrasions on the Aligners. Although, you can use aligners cleaner.

Can I Chew gum while wearing Aligners ?

Our Dental Professionals do not recommend it, as it may cause unnecessary additional pressure on the bite or may crack your aligner.

How are we different from the others?

Our Aligners are clearest in quality and are far more affordable than others. They are customized, handcrafted & trimmed to the gum line, making them snug fit and more comfortable to wear.

Are aligners safe/recommended during Pregnancy?

Our Aligners are BPA free, prescribed by our Licensed and experienced Team of Experts.Aligners are generally safe in Pregnancy. So, if you’ve already begun the treatment to get your teeth straightened or planning to start the process, you may do so without worrying about the effect it may have on your unborn child.

Will I have a lisp with with my Aligners?

Yes, there will be some lisping at the beginning of the treatment, but should go away in a couple of days, as the mouth gets used to it.

Can I play musical instruments (Flute, Trumpet, Harmonica) while having Aligners in?

Yes, many Aligner-users have not had any issue with using Mouth Musical Instruments, when wearing the Aligners. It might take a few days of getting used to.

Can I play High Impact Sports when wearing Aligners?

Our Dental Professionals strongly discourage the wear of Aligners during high impact Sports, as it can be harmful if the mouth is struck.

What is the difference between Regular and Night Only Aligners?

Both types of treatments achieve a perfect smile. The significant difference is the wear time, regular aligners need to be worn for 20-22 hours each day when NightOnly Aligners need to be worn for only 8-10 continuous hours at night, while you sleep. Whereas, treatment duration may also vary.

How does customs and duties work if I am in New Zealand?

Smilepath ships internationally and also provide a receipt of your purchase (if required by your local customs authorities) that will help you collect your aligners.

Treatment Process

Does the process hurt?

Aligners apply precise force on your teeth, so though not painful, minor discomfort is felt at the beginning of the treatment. Once broken into, it takes only a couple of days to get used to.

What if my Impression tray does not fit?

If the impression tray does not fit, please let us know right away, and our care team will send you new trays. Before you take your teeth impressions, put an empty tray over your teeth to check if the tray fits in your mouth comfortably. The tray shouldn’t be too loose or too tight, and it shouldn’t be digging into your gums. Make sure your back molars also fit properly into the tray.

How soon can I get Impression kit?

When you purchase the impression kit, it will be shipped to you in 3-4 business days.

Whats next when I complete my treatment?

As you complete your treatment, you should start wearing your retainers 20-22 hours each day for the first six months, and then for the next six months, you can switch to wearing them in the night only as instructed by our experts. If you don’t, your teeth will start moving back to their original position.

How long does it take to recieve Aligners?

We will provide the TP within 2 weeks and the aligners with 4 weeks and the process normally takes 5-6 weeks.

What is Smile projection?

Smile Projection is a 3D proposed treatment plan, which is prescribed by our Technical team displaying ‘Before & After’ positions of your teeth. This Smile projection is sent to you for approval. If you are happy you can go ahead with your aligners. If you aren’t, you can always request a modification before we start fabrication on your aligners.

What if I have toruble getting my Aligners to fit?

Some people find it difficult at first to get the aligners on the back of their teeth. It takes a bit of practice and getting used to, especially when the aligners are new to you. Be sure to follow the instructions on insertion and removal. If you are still having trouble, contact us, and we are glad to help you.

How long does it take to get my Smile Projection?

Once we receive your teeth impressions, it usually takes 12-14 business days to create your smile projection.

What if I lost particular part of Aligner / What if I have lost my Aligners?

We do not provide Aligners replacement, customer needs to switch to the next step or to redo the impression to refabricate the aligner and this will cost extra.

How do I contact my dentist during the Aligner treatment?

The Smile Crew Member will get back to you with the response from your assigned dentist within 24-48 hours.

Pricing & Refunds

Can I get Aligners for just Upper or Lower Teeth, instead of both?

Sure, you can, but we need the impressions of both top and bottom arch. Our experienced Team of Experts will evaluate to ensure your bite is well-aligned at the end of the treatment, and the price is the same whether you are doing it only for the top/bottom or both.

What is Refund Policy?

if customer changes his mind or cancel the order after getting TP so we do charge the impression kit & services charges of $200 & refund the remaining amount within 14 working days. No refund request will be accepted, once the aligners get fabricated.

Is there an option to choose an affordable monthly installment plan?

Yes, we do offer the SmileFlex Easy affordable monthly installment plan, which includes no credit check or forms to fill out. please visit our pricing section.

Do I have to pay the total amount upfront?

Yes, you may, if you would like to. If you pay upfront, you will get an impression kit included at no extra cost.

Can I get a Refund if I am not a candidate?

Absolutely. If our team of experts finds that you are not a suitable candidate, you are entitled to receive a full refund.

May I pay off my Payment plan early?

Absolutely. Please contact your Smile Crew Member to get it arranged.

The Evaluation Process

What is an Impression Kit?

An impression kit is used to get accurate molds of your teeth (Upper & Lower) to create your treatment. It contains a cheek retractor, impression trays & material, Practice Putty, Pre-paid shipping label, a pair of gloves, and an impression guide.

Can I get Aligners if I have Wisdom Teeth?

Yes, you can get the aligners but we recommend that you first consult with your Dentist, if your Dentist says you don’t need to get them removed then you can go ahead with the treatment.

Can I get Aligners if I have missing teeth?

Yes, you can still get aligners treatment if you have missing tooth/ teeth. The good part is we can put a pontic where you are missing a tooth and you will need to get colored coating on your aligner to cover up the missing tooth space so there are no visible gaps during your treatment.

If I need a Bridge or Crown do I get it done before or after the Aligner treatment?

It’s up to you, but we recommend you to get a bridge/crown after the treatment gets completed. In case you get a bridge before you start with the aligner treatment, then, in this case, we request you to provide us with an X-ray so our team could identify the bridge and design the treatment accordingly. This is only essential because aligners can’t move a bridge.

How long do I have to wait to use the Aligners after I have had a Dental Implant?

Usually, you can start with the Aligner treatment after three months of getting an implant, but we recommend that you consult with your dentist first before you start with the treatment.

In the multi-step process of aligner treatment, what is the method used to clearly indicate the next step for the user?

In our multi-step aligner treatment process, each set of aligners features laser markings that provide clear guidance to the patient regarding which step to use next. This not only assists the patient but also aids our experts in tracking and overseeing the progress throughout the entire aligner treatment journey.

What is the Age requirement?

If you are 14 years or above, the aligner treatment is the best fit for you. People from the ages of 50-60 can also have the aligner treatment.

Customer Support

How to reach us?

We strive to eliminate all barriers that you may face while trying to reach us. Feel free to send us an email at for a prompt response.

What can we do to serve you better?

Your feedback holds great value to us, and we always love to hear from you. Have a suggestion? Please write to us at

Is Chat Support available on the website?

Our live chat service is a source of instant assistance to you, available 24/7. Click on the chat button, and a live person will be there to assist you better.

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