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Thinking about getting your teeth straightened? You’ve probably heard about the revolutionary clear braces treatment option. It’s a relatively new solution to help straighten teeth and restore a smile to its natural alignment. At SmilePath, we offer clear aligners that yield impressive results in a short span of time. This makes them a fantastic alternative to the more traditional option of metal braces.

What are the key differences between clear braces and metal ones? Alongside this, what are the benefits of utilizing clear braces to sort out your wonky smile?

Clear Braces

Clear braces are transparent aligners that fit snugly on your teeth and gently push your teeth to give you a perfect smile. They are manufactured to fit every individual, settling over your teeth like a gum shield. Over time, the aligners shift teeth into their natural alignment. The results are clear for all to see – perfectly straight teeth that fill you with confidence!

What is the difference between Clear Braces and Metal Braces?

On the surface, both of these options do the same job. If you were to receive metal braces, they would help straighten and align your teeth. The difference lies in how the treatment is provided, the material used, and the potential drawbacks of wearing metal braces.

Essentially, metal braces are made out of metal wiring that is attached to your teeth. The wiring is held in place by a series of metal brackets that need to be glued to your teeth. Just like clear braces, the metal braces will slowly move your teeth into their correct positions. Once again, the results are impressive, and many people walk away with perfect smile.

Nevertheless, there are some distinguishable differences between clear braces and metal braces. When you look through them all, it becomes quite apparent that clear ones hold a strong advantage…

Look And Feel

How do both sets of braces compare when you put them on? Clear braces look a lot better and are nearly invisible to the untrained eye. A person would need to go right up to your face to see that you're wearing them. Our clear aligners fit snugly over your teeth and are incredibly comfortable to wear. Nobody will notice them, and you will feel confident wearing them in many social situations.

By contrast, metal braces are unsightly. They look like you have metal wiring across your teeth, denting your confidence. It can be very difficult to go out in public with metal braces because they are so easy to see. This is particularly problematic for adults as braces are also synonymous with children. It's rare to see an adult wearing metal braces, so they stand out even more.

Alongside this, metal braces can be very uncomfortable and cause a lot of pain. To make matters worse, they need to be adjusted frequently. The tightening of metal braces is torturous, causing extreme discomfort. With clear braces, you do not need adjustments as you will simply switch to the next tray!


How convenient are clear braces compared to metal ones? In short, the two aren't even comparable. Clear braces offer far more convenience as you can remove them whenever you need to. If it's time to eat, you can pop the aligners out, eat your dinner and then put them back in. This is wildly convenient and prevents the need to keep visiting a specialist.

Metal braces don't offer the same luxury at all. In fact, you physically cannot remove them unless a specialist is present. An orthodontist will have to remove the braces when they see fit - which is usually at the end of the treatment cycle. In essence, you must keep them on at all times for months till the end!

Eating & Drinking

With metal braces, you have so many restrictions on what you can or can't eat. You're not allowed to eat hard foods as it can damage the wires, and chewy foods are off the menu as they get stuck between the metal brackets. It makes life more complicated as you have to change your diet and think twice before you eat.

Comparatively, clear braces give you all the freedom in the world. You can take them out when you eat, so you're free to eat whatever you want. No compromise needs to be made, ensuring your life is as easy as possible.


Clear braces require regular maintenance, but they're very easy to clean. Again, you can pop out your aligners and clean them periodically. It's as simple as running them under tap water and gently rubbing them with a soft bristle toothbrush. You don't need to scrub really hard, and you should never use toothpaste or any other dental cleaning products on the clear aligners. If you want a safe cleaning product for your braces, you can use special aligners cleaner.

Metal wires are hard to clean as you can't remove them from your mouth. Basically, you have to hope they're getting cleaned when you brush your teeth. However, the positioning of the braces causes many complications - as you'll see in the next point!

Oral Health

Do you need to visit the dentist when purchasing clear braces? At SmilePath, we've made it so you can enjoy straighter teeth without leaving your home. There's no need to visit the dentist, and no need to book you in for regular appointments. Again, this adds to the convenience as it's much easier to fit your day around things.

Metal braces will require lots of appointments. You'll need to visit the orthodontist to receive your braces and then keep up with monthly appointments for adjustments. If anything happens to the braces - like the wire falling out - you will need an emergency appointment. It's a lot of hassle, which some of you cannot afford.


Contrary to popular belief, clear braces don't need to be worn for as long as metal ones. Metal braces will be in your mouth 24/7, for at least two years. That's a lot of time, so imagine the discomfort and inconvenience you have to put up with.

With SmilePath clear aligners, you wear the braces for 20-22 hours each day. That's pretty much the whole day, but with room to eat and brush your teeth. The difference is that treatment can take between 4-6 months on average. That's right, months! You can be out of aligners enjoying straight teeth while someone else isn't even halfway through their metal braces treatment plan.


It's normal to believe that clear braces are more expensive than metal ones. Well, you couldn't be more wrong! Metal braces typically set you back up to $8,000 in New Zealand. That's a crazy amount of money, but it seems even more expensive when you consider how much clear braces cost.

At SmilePath, our aligners cost $1999 for the entire treatment. This can be paid in full, or you have options of 12-months and 18-months installments plans. What's more, we currently have a special offer for $400 off during the holidays. Be sure to order yours today to take advantage of this unique deal!

What is the process of getting clear braces?

The process of getting clear braces is very straightforward. In fact, we’ve developed a simple three-step formula that makes everything as easy as possible:

Impression kit

Step 1

Order Your Impression kit

Everything starts with a set of dental impressions, which can be ordered via our website today. They get sent to you within 3-5 business days, including instructions on how to take your own impressions and send them back to our team. These impressions are used to create your custom clear aligners, ensuring they fit your mouth as comfortably as can be.

Clear aligners treatment

Step 2

A Customized Treatment Plan

Next, our dental experts will develop a tailored treatment plan for you. It will explain everything you need to know about results. After you have approved, our team manufactures and packages your aligners, getting them sent to you ASAP.

enjoy a new smile

Step 3

Enjoy a New Smile

Finally, your clear aligners will arrive in the post, ready for you to try on. Slip them over your teeth, then wear them for the allotted time every day. They’ll quickly work their magic, delivering results in as little as 4-6 months.

It’s genuinely that simple – no appointments or nasty dental procedures are required! You don’t even have to leave your home, and our support team is always available to answer any burning questions.

If you’ve never worn aligners before, it can feel strange when they’re first in place. It’s okay if they feel a bit unnatural; this will disappear within a few days. You’ll soon get used to the feeling and will barely notice them.

Unlike metal braces, you shouldn’t experience a great deal of pain while wearing clear aligners. However, there may be periods of slight discomfort, particularly in the beginning. Again, this is natural, and it will pass with time. You may also have a lisp during the first couple of days, but your tongue quickly adjusts to the aligners and this leaves as well.

Order Your Clear Braces Today!

Are you interested in getting clear braces and restoring your smile? Take our online assessment and order SmilePath’s clear aligners today. In just the click of a button, you will order an impression set that’s sent to you within a few days. We offer multiple ways to pay – and feel free to contact us with any additional queries.


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