Orthodontic Stability: How Clear Aligners Maintain Results Over Time

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Having perfectly aligned teeth and a smile to flaunt whenever you want is nothing less than a blessing. Individuals can achieve straighter teeth through orthodontic treatments; clear aligners or braces. In this blog, we will get an understanding of orthodontic stability and how clear aligners provide straighter teeth and maintain results over time.

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Orthodontic Stability

Orthodontic stability is the ability of teeth to remain in their corrected positions after the completion of the treatment. It is a key goal of orthodontics, to ensure that the results acquired from braces or aligners are maintained over the long term, minimizing the likelihood of relapse where teeth shift back to their original positions.

Clear Aligners

Traditional braces have been known for teeth-straightening since forever. However, over time, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Clear aligners have taken over traditional braces. By providing an easy approach to teeth straightening, clear aligners have become a go-to option for orthodontic patients. They are made up of plastic material that is worn over the teeth.

How Clear Aligners Work?

SmilePath has been providing high-quality aligners to address dental issues faced by individuals of all ages. Orthodontic patients can achieve straighter teeth from the comfort of their homes. It has made it easier to get a dream smile even for people with busy routines. Here’s how SmilePath clear aligners work to provide effective results.

First Impressions

Upon placing your order for clear aligner treatment, an impression kit will be sent your way. You would be required to craft your dental impressions to get custom-fit aligners. The impression kit includes everything from putty to trays, gloves, and a cheek retractor to help you sort perfect impressions.

Smile Projection

A 3D smile projection will be provided for approval before aligner fabrication. With the help of a smile projection, orthodontic patients can get an idea of the expected results of a clear aligner treatment. Aligner fabrication is processed after approval of the smile projection.

Aligners delivered

Quick-fix solutions are known to be aggressive orthodontic techniques. They can cause the gums to recede and expose the roots of the teeth. Gum recession not only compromises a smile but also increases the risk of developing sensitive teeth and tooth decay.

Monitoring Progress

Clear aligners work by exerting gentle pressure on your teeth. Unlike traditional braces, which are fixed on the surface of the tooth, aligners are worn over teeth to get the desired results. Orthodontic patients might feel slight discomfort initially which either fades away or is minimized. In case of discomfort during the treatment, you can consult your orthodontist.

Post Treatment Care

After completing your clear aligner treatment, orthodontic patients are given retainers as post-care. Where aligners offer smooth smile transformation, retainers help to maintain that transformation. After completing the clear aligner treatment, there is still a chance that your teeth might shift back to their original places. To prevent orthodontic relapse, retainers are made essential for orthodontic patients.

Advantages of Clear Aligners

Clear aligners offer a wide range of benefits to orthodontic patients. If you opt for a clear aligner treatment, you can enjoy the following benefits during your journey.

Enhances Confidence

Unlike braces, there are no external objects fixed on the surface of the tooth. It means you do not have to stay hesitant about your smile all the time. Moreover, you do not have to compromise your look while undergoing teeth straightening with clear aligners. It is the ideal way to achieve straighter teeth for patients who do not want to compromise their look.

Maintained Appearance

Since clear aligners do not include any such external objects, you can maintain your overall appearance while undergoing clear aligner treatment. It is best for individuals who do not want to compromise their appearance during the journey.


Clear aligners are a flexible teeth straightening option. They can be removed anytime you want. It means you can achieve teeth straightening and still enjoy your daily meals anytime you want. Moreover, there are no such dietary restrictions while undergoing a clear aligner treatment.

Maintenance of Clear Aligners

It is highly essential to maintain aligners for optimal results. By simply cleaning aligners with a soft-bristled brush and storing them in a container when not in use you can maintain your aligners.

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To sum up, clear aligners have revolutionized the field of orthodontics. Achieving orthodontic stability is the ultimate goal of orthodontic treatments. Ensuring that the results achieved are maintained over time through effective retention strategies, patient compliance, and ongoing professional care.


1. How do Clear aligners help in teeth straightening?

Clear aligners are worn over teeth to exert constant pressure on the teeth to achieve desirable straightening.

2. What is orthodontic stability?

Orthodontic stability refers to sustaining teeth to a desirable place after achieving orthodontic treatment.

3. How to maintain clear aligners?

Clear aligners can be removed easily which means you must ensure to clean your aligners every time before reinsertion. Moreover, you must store them in a container when not in use.

4. How long is clear aligner treatment?

The average duration of a clear aligner treatment ranges between four to six months. However, in some cases, the duration might exceed.

5. Who can get clear aligner treatment?

Orthodontic patients with mild to moderate dental concerns can look forward to a clear aligner treatment.