5 Things To Avoid While Taking Impressions At Home

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Things To Avoid While Taking Impressions


Purchasing an Impression Kit is the initial and important step towards getting your invisible aligners. This very crucial step sets the direction of the whole journey of your teeth alignment. Most importantly it will help our certified dental professionals to access your case and design a customized treatment plan for you.

We have formulated this comprehensive guide that will save you from the frustration involved while taking teeth impressions at home and help you mitigate the five most common mistakes that are more likely to happen during the process.

What's Inside The Impression Kit?

Smilepath’s kit consists of the following items

  1. Putties
  2. Trays
  3. Cheek Retractor
  4. Disposable Gloves

Let’s dive into the things to avoid while taking impressions as our seasoned dental and lab professionals suggested to help you get a perfect impression the first time.

1. Improper Mixing of Putties

To ensure a proper impression of your teeth, it is essential to thoroughly mix the two different putties inside each impression kit until they are completely blended and have a solid color in under 30 sec Fonds.ailure to do so may result in an improper impression, which could hinder the creation of your treatment plan. We include an extra pair of putty in each impression kit for practice before taking your final impression.

2. Biting onto the Impression Tray

One of the common mistakes people often make while taking the impressions is that they bite on the tray, this creates an uneven distribution of teeth pressure. To obtain a perfect teeth impression, it's better to keep the mouth open and gently apply pressure to the tray using your fingers.

3. Removing the Impression Tray sooner

The putty mixture takes around 2-3 minutes to get settled properly. Removing it prematurely can cause smearing and the formation of bubbles in the mixture. Ensure you hold the impression tray steadily until the material sets in your mouth to avoid double impressions.

4. Tray Size Matters

The trays included in the impression kit must fit snugly inside your mouth, covering all your teeth without contacting the soft tissues. Avoid taking impressions with improperly fitting trays, as this can result in poor margin details, a critical aspect of taking the dental impression.

5. Eliminating Voids

Achieving a perfect impression necessitates the removal of blood and saliva before the process, as their presence can lead to voids and bubble formation during impression-taking. And make sure to rinse your mouth with antiseptic mouthwash before taking impressions.


These are some of the common mistakes that can occur when taking impressions at home. It's essential to be aware of them before embarking on the impression-taking process to avoid the need for repetitions. Inside the impression kit, you will find a comprehensive guide that walks you through each step with ease, to facilitate the creation of a perfect impression. If you still encounter any issues, our experts are available 24/7 to assist you.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a plunge and order your impression kit now. get yourself on the journey to achieve straighter teeth and a gorgeous smile with Smilepath.


1. Why is the Impression Kit important for teeth alignment?

To create a customized treatment plan, taking an impression of your teeth is the crucial step. This helps orthodontists to assess your case and suggest a suitable treatment plan for your teeth alignment.

2. How can I avoid mistakes while taking impressions?

You can avoid common mistakes by ensuring the proper mixing of putties, avoiding biting onto the impression tray, waiting for the putty to set, using the right tray size, and eliminating voids caused by blood and saliva.

3. What to do if I make a mistake while making an impression?

Our smile experts are readily available if you need assistance while making your first impression. We also have provided an extra set of putty to help you practice before you take a final impression.

4. Why is mixing of putties so important for impression?

Perfect impression of teeth solely depends on the putty, and proper mixing of putties till it achieves a uniform and solid color which is necessary to get the perfect impression and directly impacts the treatment plan.

5. What to do if the tray does not fit properly?

Our Smile Experts are always there to help you, you can contact them any time of the day if you face difficulties in adjusting the impression tray. It is important that the tray fits in properly and does not come into contact with soft tissues and we have also provided a comprehensive guide inside the impression kit to walk you through the process.


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