SmilePath impression kit guarantee

SmilePath Aligner Guarantee

Based on your impressions, if our experts determine that you are not suitable for our aligners, we promise you a full refund of your purchase, minus the cost of the impression kit.

If your teeth shift after completing your initial treatment. In that case, at no additional cost, you will receive new impression kits, new treatment plans, and aligners to help fix misalignment concerns (subject to the following conditions and limitations).

But, we will have to charge you a little fee for additional aligners or retainers if you don't adhere to the required compliance during your treatment. For the SmilePath aligner guarantee, you must:

Wear aligners as instructed. Wear your invisible aligners for 22 hours a day and NightOnly clear aligners for 8-10 hours while you sleep.

Follow everyday dental hygiene precautions.

Refrain from getting unnecessary dental work while undergoing treatment by keeping all aligners in their case.

The retainers should be worn following the final pair of aligners.

Your SmilePath aligner guarantee could be voided if you don't follow the rules, and you might have to pay more to get back on track. Please get in touch with us for a re-evaluation if, after following the instructions, the results do not meet your expectations. If approved, you might be qualified for more aligners.

SmilePath lifetime guarantee

Buy retainers from SmilePath or any other aligner brand once a year to be eligible.

Display your receipts from any other aligner brand as proof of purchase.

Verify in writing that you used your retainers exactly as directed.

In the event of a dispute or if payment is past due, this guarantee can be void.